Good Vision means more than having 20/20 eyesight

"Good vision" is achieved when the refractive, oculomotor, perceptual, and accommodative components of your eyes are all in sync. In other words, when the glasses prescription allows your eyes, muscles, depth perception and focusing to all work together seamlessly. If the refractive component is incorrect, your vision will be blurred. If one of the other components is incorrect, you may "see" well, but have uncomfortable eyes. At Gregory Optical, Dr. Buckingham will examine all of these eye functions, as well as perform a thorough health evaluation of your eyes.

The following services are available at our office:

Comprehensive Vision Examination: Focuses on prevention, treatment and improvement of vision and eye disease to enable our patients to attain maximum potential.

Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up Care: Provides soft, gas permeable, disposable, high oxygen, frequent replacement, astigmatic, tinted, bifocal, dry eye and hard-to-fit contact lenses.

Binocular Vision Evaluation: Evaluates the complete visual system including tracking, focusing, visual perception, and binocular vision. There is more to good vision than seeing clearly in the distance.

Management of Ocular Disease: Treatment of eye diseases such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), allergic conditions, dry eyes, glaucoma and ocular trauma.

Surgery Co-management: Pre- and post-operative care for corneal refractive surgery, including Lasik, Custom Lasik, Intralase, and PRK. Pre- and post-operative care for cataract surgery. We have developed excellent relationships with the best surgeons in our area.

Optical Design and Dispensing: Gregory Optical opticians are happy to assist you in choosing from our large selection of eyewear. We will put our 234 years of combined optical experience to work for you so that your frame and lens selection will best accommodate your needs and compliment your appearance. If your glasses need to be adjusted, please drop by the office at your convenience (no appointment needed). Our opticians will make the necessary adjustments at no charge.

Emergency Glasses Repair: We are the only office in Jackson who can braze, solder or weld a broken metal frame. We carry a wide selection of repair parts to solve your problem.

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