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Why does a contact lens prescription expire, even if the patient is having no problems?
Why should I get my eyes checked? I'm not having any problems!
I'm wearing contact lenses but all I want is new glasses, why do I have to pay more for a Contact Lens exam?

If you wear contact lenses on a regular basis, you need to have regular eye examinations to make sure the contact lenses are not damaging your eyes. Eyes continue to change and grow throughout life. These normal eye changes affect the way your contact lenses fit and correct your vision. We have a moral, professional, and legal obligation to ascertain the health status of your eyes when you request an eye exam. Contact lens wearers become adapted to having something in their eyes and subsequently are less sensitive to subtle eye problems. Wearing an improper, ill-fitting, contaminated, or dirty contact lens can lead to serious eye damage and even blindness. If you want the doctor to evaluate the fit if the contact lenses and make sure that your eyes are healthy, there is an added fee. If you elect not to have the doctor evaluate your contact lenses' fit, and the health of your eyes, and you want to replace your contact lenses, we will not have the most up-to-date fitting and vision parameters for new or replacement contact lenses.

For how long is a normal contact lens prescription valid?

A Contact Lens prescription is considered to be current providing that the latest design and prescription has been checked on the patient's eye(s) within the preceding year. In 2003, the FDA ruled that a CL prescription is only valid for one year. If your CL prescription is more than one year old, you should have an evaluation to ensure that the fit and correction is correct.

Will you release a contact lens prescription?

Yes. We will provide any contact lens patient a copy of their current prescription.

How much do contact lenses cost?

Contact lenses prices vary depending on what type they are - daily wear or extended wear - clear or tinted - disposable or traditional - what water content your eyes need - what the overall health of your eyes are - what kind of wearing schedule fits in best with your lifestyle - what the quality of your tear production is. Other factors that influence the overall annual cost for contact lenses include: have you ever worn contact lenses before?; have you had a recent eye exam?; are you interested in a specific type of contact lens?; clear or tinted lenses?; how often are you thinking about wearing contact lenses: all the time, just for sports, sleeping in them, just socially?

Can't you just pick the contact lenses off the shelf and give them to me?

We do stock some common contact lens prescriptions. There are many factors involved in determining the proper contact lens prescription, including: the overall power, thickness, water content, diameter, edge contour, central power zone size, and the polymer of which the contact lens is made.

How long should I expect my contact lenses to last?

A person's tear quality is the most important factor in determining the "life" of a contact lens. The normal components of tears, (protein, lipids, and calcium) act to "plug up" soft contact lenses. Contact lenses are like little sponges, in that they are full of very tiny pores which absorb your tears. Your tears keep the CL wet and soft. The pores in the CL get plugged up with normal wear. Contact lenses are manufactured with this in mind. Some lenses are designed to only be healthy for your eyes for one day, others can last as long as a year with proper maintainance. Following the recommended cleaning schedule is very important in keeping the lenses clean and healthy for your eyes. The most commonly fit contacts lenses today are 2 week lenses. As the lens ages and gets plugged up, it no longer allows enough oxygen to get to your eye. This can lead to serious eye problems. Every CL is given a FDA approved wearing schedule. This is the maximum length of time an average contact lens patient can safely wear the contact lens.

When I get contact lenses, do I have to pay for follow-up visits?

All first-time CL wearers who have their initial contact lens fitting at Gregory Optical will receive 90 days of routine CL follow-up care with no charge. All patients who regularly get their CL's from Gregory Optical will not be charged for doctor requested, routine CL follow-ups. Follow-up professional fees will be charged for non-routine visits such as infections, emergencies, rechecks due to patient error or neglect. If patients need to be seen for several visits due to an ocular problem, the doctor will inform the patient of the charges.