Gregory Optical offers one-stop convenience for your vision correction needs. We offer competitively priced, top brand-name designer frames, and state-of-the-art lens materials to meet virtually every eyewear situation. We also prescribe the latest in oxygen breathable contact lenses (both soft and hard) for any vision correction.

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We have glasses for every need, fashion, activity or desire. The lens options we offer can correct any refractive vision condition. These include astigmatism, bifocal, progressive, prism, sport and occupational lenses. Glasses which allow great vision and comfort, in addition to complementing your looks, require the proper frame, lenses and lens coating options. At Gregory Optical, our optometric technicians and opticians have many years of experience and are capable of correctly fitting you with the perfect pair of spectacles.

Glasses which are correct for you will feel comfortable, provide good vision, and complement your facial features. We take the time to ensure that all of our patients' glasses are the best they can be.

Glasses which are improperly fit, measured incorrectly, or have the wrong thickness or centration, will not give you optimal visual performance. It is important that all aspects of the frame and lens fitting are completed by a professional.

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Most visual problems can be corrected with contact lenses. We prescribe contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, including bifocal/multifocal, monovision, toric, and tinted. We offer the latest in high oxygen, maximum wetting contact lenses for those with dry eyes. We also carry a full range of tinted contacts so you can try different colors to see which is best for you.